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May 21, 2012 6:00am EDT
was overwhelmed. the papers of the lyndon baines johnson, the 36th president of the united states. when you want to do research in the boxes, you sit in this room the boxes that you want. an archivist goes down and brings them up to you on your the hole in the boxes, the box on your desk. that is what happens. the boxes are brought up when you want to read them. >> this is an honor for me. for many years, i have been watching ted kennedy and the senate appeared in my last book, i wanted to write about the senate and its history and power. in order to get a feeling for the institution itself, i would sit week after week in the room trying to absorb how it worked. meant to america. anything, he writes "no." sometimes he writes "no out." he said that meant he was never getting anything from lyndon johnson. >> that was when he was head of the congressional campaign decide how much money to give. what does it reveal? >> all power corrupts. i do not think that is always true. i think what is always true is that power reveals. case of lyndon johnson. power does not always corrupt. they can cleanse. mov
May 20, 2012 11:00pm EDT
district attorney of new york who is then the united states attorney. suddenly they see a number of things happen simultaneously. they see a workman, this is a big house been repainted, they see a workman stop with a transistor radio. he kept driving down this long lawn where they are sitting. at that very moment before the radio arrives comedy telephone a rides. it is j. edgar hoover saying that his brother has been shot, perhaps fatally. hoover did not like kennedy. robert kennedy did not like him. robert said he did not show any emotion at all. he just delivered the news. they see him clapped his hand into his face in shock and horror. >> the question was about the oath. what happened when lyndon johnson talked to robert kennedy after he was shot? >> he calls him from the plane. he asked him two things. should i take the oath of office in taxes or wait until i get back to washington? he's not really asking. he knows he wants to take it in taxes and for robert kennedy to agree it is the best course. he was the wording of the oath. the attorney general said i was really appalled that he w
May 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
michelle obama and david petraeus. >> this week on "q&a". former united states tickets service agent clint hill discusses his book entitled, "mrs. kennedy and me". >> clint h ill, author of "mrs. kennedy and me". what would be the difference between then and today? how would you do things differently? >> i have -- back then there were only to assign to mrs. kennedy and today there more than two. quite a few more. i do not know the exact order. that is beneficial. there are female agents available. we did not have that luxury in 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963. that makes a great deal of difference. no matter where she went, it drew a crowd and i caused a problem. we managed to do with that. and handle things the best we could. >> you have a story in your book about the main -- a man named roddy mims. >> he was a photographer in washington, d.c.. somewhat of harassment to me and others. on one occasion he did something i was very upset about. i had arranged for mrs. kennedy to arrive in washington on the military flight which is unusual for her. but to do so quietly. a separate section at the nation
May 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
was in legal trouble with the united states government. and it appeared to me that the reason was for them not wanting to cross paths was it was going to be a political embarrassment for the president and for the party if she were seen in the company of aristotle onassis. o >> how much time did she spend around him? >> >> his yacht was in the harbor, they were there, winston churchill was on board the yacht, and the then-senator kennedy wanted to meet winston churchill, and they arranged through mutual friends to go aboard and meet winston churchill, so she had met him. she didn't see him in 1961. she did see him in 1963. >> 325-foot yacht named christina. auch very nice yacht. >> how much time did you spend on it? >> from the time mrs. kennedy got on until she got off. it was about 10 days, i believe, almost. >> and why was she there? >> in august of 1963, she gave birth to a little boy, patrick bouvier kennedy, in massachusetts. and two days later, young patrick died, and mrs. kennedy became very depressed. and her sister lee flew in from london to be with her. lee and her husband, the p
May 6, 2012 8:00pm EDT
use a jet plane across the united states. >> you really know this stuff. you are right. he certainly did the same thing to hubert humphrey. i have to say that i have not finished on why i will do it. and nothing i have examined and now. >> let me ask you about the next volume. i know you hate this. what is your timetable? what does it really matter what i say to you? would you believe me? >> of course. this book tenures. >> be a. that is not right. -- this book took 10-years? >> yes, but that is not right. i was doing the research on the rest of its. i have done most of the research on the next volume as well. >> that is underwriting the next? >> yes. i have written part of it. >> to do you think this will be the final but? think this will be the final book? new askritten three this and i said yes. ed this. and you askc i said yes. >> what is the update on your memoir the you say you are writing? >> that is very long. i do that had -- to do any research. it is my own life. it is the day memoir about how i grew up in new york. it is more and more about what it was light to try to find
May 13, 2012 9:00pm EDT
and looking to the united states as a model, so that was a higher priority than who was going to take over office at any given time, so both of them asked not to challenge the results. >> you have a book from richard nixon that said after kennedy was shot that he wept, and to not let him die. what was your reaction? >> i think there was genuine affection, which surprises us when we think about these men as we see the now. i think there was a real connection. your >> also they thought about the president's differently. they felt a connection they do not feel any more. it is hard to imagine democrats or republicans having that kind of sentiment. >> how official is the president's club as an organization? >> there are no legal documents, but it does have its own rules and taboos and things it will in by the end will not. after osama bin laden was killed in may of 2011, the white house tried to put out feelers for all of the president to come to new york, to come to manhattan for an event near the world trade center, and i think they said it was too political for us. i think there was a point
May 13, 2012 8:00pm EDT
for the united states being involved. the c.i.a. assumed their planning was based on the fact that once the invasion initially failed, kennedy would have no choice but to send in troops and get the job done. they were counting on it failing so that kennedy would have to. when they realize that the denial did not once active, explosive and vomit comet they had not believed him. -- explosive involvement, if they had not believed him. there were a million things that went wrong in the assumptions that were made in the meetings were the joint chiefs were challenged. kennedy and eisenhower meet at camp david. it was the first time he went to camp david. it was named after eisenhower's grandson. there is the famous picture of these two presidents of walking the paths and talking together. kennedy needed that picture. they needed this reassurance that would come up and being seen talking to eisenhower. eisenhower wrote a long memorandum. he said this job is a lot more complex. eisenhower was like, that is what i tried to to do. >> which president did do not really like or dislike? which was th
May 20, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, of the ultimate of remember it is mined in the kingman mine right here in the united states and the only place you can disc it is here with carol brodie. we have almost one care of the total weight on the blue topaz and we have all of the beautiful design. there is a lot of turquoise but there is not a lot of crown spring is a fraction of a percentage. only >>guest:
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)